Certified Protection Professional (CPPⓇ)


The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) is considered the "gold standard" for security management professionals. This certification validates your knowledge in all areas of security management. Eligibility requirements include 7-9 years of security experience and 3 years in responsible charge of a security function. 

Professional Certified Investigator (PCIⓇ)


 The Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) certification provides demonstrable proof of an individual's knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection, and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings. Requirements include a high school diploma or GED equivalent and five years of investigations experience, with at least two years in case management. 

Associate Protection Professional (APP)


 The Associate Protection Professional (APP) designation provides the first "rung" on the security manager's career ladder. It is for those with 1-4 years of security management experience and measures the professional’s knowledge of security management fundamentals, business operations, risk management, and response management. 

 *The APP Certification was supported in part by a grant from the ASIS Foundation. 

Physical Security Professional (PSP)


 The Physical Security Professional (PSP) demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design, and integration of physical security systems, and implementation of security measures. Eligibility requirements include a high school diploma, GED equivalent, or associate degree AND six years of progressive experience in the physical security field OR a Bachelor's degree or higher AND four years of progressive experience in the physical security field. 


We Lead by example

Kathryn Artingstall, CPP 

David Bareno, CPP 

Erich Barrett, PCI 

Conan C. Bickford, CPP 

Earl Biggett, CPP

Sean K. Boney, CPP

Robert V. Bosco, CPP

Zaki Boukili, CPP 

Junius Bradley, PCI 

Sarah J. Bynum, CPP 

Mirsad Celaj, CPP 

Warren Channell, CPP 

Mark J. Cicciu, CPP 

McKinley D. Coffin, CPP 

John Cordts, CPP 

Luis R. Cortes, PSP 

Sandra L. Dailey, CPP 

Ernest M. Davis, CPP 

Rick de Treville, CPP 

Michael DeCicco, CPP 

William D. Dilling,   CPP

Patrick J. Fanning, CPP, PSP 

Certified Members

 Lex P. Gibson, CPP  

Michael T. Gruber, CPP 

Joseph Gyorko, CPP

Laneisha Hayes, CPP 

Joseph M. Henderson, CPP 

Scott Herring, CPP 

Robert E. Howard, CPP

 Dwayne Hurley, CPP

 Ivan J. Johnson, PSP 

Kelly S. Klatt, CPP 

Todd A. Kotlaba, PSP 

Mark J. Lang, CPP 

Paul Mains, CPP 

William S. Marcisz, CPP

 Bryan J. Margeson, CPP 

Charles McCarthy, CPP 

Jonathan R. Mills, CPP 

James A. Neville, CPP

 Henri R. Nolin, CPP 

David Olmstead, CPP

 William A. Onderick, PSP 

Ron Otterbacher, CPP  


 Peter K. Pharr, CPP 

Lisa N. Pryor, CPP 

Jaime Quirindongo, CPP 

Dave L. Roberts, PSP 

Joseph M. Robinson, CPP 

Nader S. Sayegh, PSP  

Jerome P. Schaaf, CPP

 Pamela S. Smith, PCI 

Joseph Souza, CPP, PSP 

Jesse Stanley, CPP 

J. Larry Stiefel, CPP, PSP 

Stephen J. Syphard, PSP D. 

Patterson Taylor, CPP 

John R. Tennison, CPP

 Jon A. Viola, CPP, PSP 

John Ward, CPP 

Sean Wicks, PSP

 Martin F. Williams, CPP

 Brandi Wilson, CPP, PSP 

Nathan R. Wilson, PCI 

Mark Winters, CPP 

Timothy Wood, CPP